Hey Everyone, Welcome to this week's edition of the DEXTF Newsletter! You can follow the community conversations on Discord, Telegram, Twitter, and Reddit! DOMANI updates 2021 was an amazing year for Domani We have a lot to look forward to in 2022
December Recap
The mass adoption of Web 3 and DeFi 2.0 is imminent, with an influx of over 1 billion users expected to be onboarded within the coming years, the…
Future of DOMANI | DOMANI-1 results | DOMANI multichain recap | Domani community call 1 notes
1st December 2021 | Episode 9 of the DeFi Jabs | Community call 2
Reliability | DeFi Jabs | DEXTF at #solanabreakpoint | DAMU for all | DEXTF at Singapore Fintechfest | Metaverse: Digital Real Estate
Management fee module | DEXTF highlights from October | The Oracle Problem, Flash Loans and DEXTF’s solution | Metaverse 2.0 or 3.0?
In terms of asset management, there are two main factors that dictate whether a firm will be successful or not, performance and reliability. Within…
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